Caleb Hayes Video Editor (Assignment 4)

3912 Knickerbocker pkwy, Raleigh, NC, 27612


1. Programming Languages

2. Databases

3. Platforms

Familiar with:

4. Version Control

5. Operation Systems

Familiar with:

6. Other Tools

AVL Skills

Adobe Applications:

7. Soft Skills

Work Experience

Time Name Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact Info
5/2019 - Present Richland Creek Community Church Wake Forest NC Production Assistant
  • Coordinating a schedule plan for weekly services
  • Designing stage layouts for events and services
  • Running audio and lighting for musical performances
  • Filming and editing videos of lessons or events
  • Camera setup and maintenance for church's weekly live streams
  • General IT services as needed by RCCC staff

Managed by: Caleb Martens

(919) 556-9292 

9/2016-5/2019 Marquee Cinemas Wakefield 12 Raleigh NC Assistant Manager
  • Ensuring that customers enjoy a pleasant movie theater experience
  • Assisting customers with problems or concerns
  • Scheduling, leading, and assisting floor staff with constant communication
  • Troubleshooting faulty theater equipment (registers, projectors, etc.)

Managed by: Rose Garvey

 (919) 453-2746

7/2014- 8/2016 Marquee Cinemas Wakefield 12 Raleigh NC Position Title
  • Working together to create a harmonious work environment for everyone
  • Helping customers in need of guidance and/ or assistance
  • Operating ticket booth and concessions sales
  • Ensuring customers experience a clean and safe theater environment

Managed by: Rose Garvey

 (919) 453-2746


Time School Location Major/Degree Earned Minor
2016-Present NC State Raleigh NC Science & Technology in Society None
2014-2016 Wake Tech Raleigh NC Bachelor of Arts None


Hobbies & Interests

Reference Company worked for Position Held Contact Info
Caleb Martens Richland Creek Community Church Production Director Available Upon Request
Rose Garvey Marquee Cinemas General Manager Available Upon Request

The web site of eng317chayes

Caleb Hayes Design Portfolio (Assignment 2)

About Me

My name is Caleb Hayes. I am a Science & Technology in Society Major at NC State and am engaged to be married to my fiance Ashley on March 13th 2020. Much of my pass time is spent in illustration and content creation. I have a passion for both physical and digital art, and quite enjoy my job as a Lighting Director for Richland Creek. My goal is to work at a place that allows me to apply my creativity in a way that benefits people and/or brings happiness and community. I also very much enjoy playing a large variety of video games, ranging from Super Smash Brothers Melee to Kingdom Hearts. For me one of the best aspects about these games is the communitys behind them. There's lot's of people who are all drawn together under a common love for games. Whether players are brought together through a competetive scene or speedrunning for fun, it is undeniable that games bring people togehter in a way that no other medium can. Because of this my dream job and current goal is to work at Epic Games in Cary. I am currently seeking a position there and hope to be able to join their team so that I can help foster a community of gamers in a way that is exciting work on.

Examples of Previous Work

Here is an illustration of Batman that I created on my iPad in a program called Procreate

Illustration of Batman on a metal gargoyle overlooking embers

This was a project that took me a significant amount of time to get right, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. My favorite part of working on this by far was experimenting with how the warm colors originating from below would interact with the surfaces above. I also put in an opaque dark purple overlay that I used to help make shadows and bright areas pop. This layer is especially apparent on Batman's face. Despite this, I'm still not completely satisfied with the metal bird itself, and the texture I was trying to convey. I think doing a non-metallic gargoyle would've been easier, but I desire to contiue struggling with this weakness in my art in hopes to improve.

Below is one of my ealier pencil illustrations that I drew in High School

Pencil Drawing of Ian McKellen as Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings movies

This was actually a school assignment that I took far beyond what was asked. We were assigned to do character profiles of a character in a movie with details and a "rough sketch," but I got a little too excited about getting to draw Ian McKellen, and wasn't about to turn in a lackadaisical drawing of Gandalf. Overall I think it's a good illustration, but the thing that I'd like to improve on most is the texture of his clothing. Being able to convey the coarse, rugged clothing of Gandalf the Grey helps to understand him as a character, and contrasts greatly with his clothes later in the movies when wearing his white robes.

I've posted these illustrations on my Twitter and will likely continue to upload more of my work both old and new.